9 Fun Things to Do for Single & Fierce Women

Boyfriends, huh? Who needs them? Well, you did—you used to! Now that you’ve broken up, who says you can’t have fun? From going to a strip club Brisbane has to getting a new haircut, here are the things you will surely enjoy doing:

Sleepover with girlfriends

Who are you kidding—girlfriends are the best therapists. And they don’t cost a dollar! So, why not hang out with them in your apartment and have a sleepover? Vent out all those pent up emotions while you watch your favourite horror flicks with pizza or ice cream.

Go to a strip club

Tired of dancing at the bar with your friends and sweaty strangers hitting on you? Why not watch talented entertainers dance instead? Spend a kickass night and have fun celebrating your sexuality at a high-quality strip club Brisbane has to offer today.

Get a new haircut

Out with the old and in with the new. Change may be gradual and not overnight, but you always have to start with something. Consult a hairstylist for a hairstyle that suits your face shape the most.

Have a photo walk

Invite your friends to a photo walk. Then, explore hidden gems and areas in your town. You don’t need to buy a DSLR camera—with your smartphone, you can capture wonders with point-and-shoot mobile photography.

Treat yourself!

Buy that pair of shoes or that bag you’ve been pretending not to see whenever you pass by them. We’re here to live life and not waste it. Treat yourself with some retail therapy—you deserve it.

Eat dinner alone

Too sad? More like too rad! Take yourself out to dinner. Here’s a better idea: try an exotic dish from that restaurant your ex hates. Savour the taste of freedom.

Crash a luxury hotel

Ever wondered how a staycation feels like? Now’s your chance to experience one! Book a 2-night stay at a nearby luxury hotel. You can go alone but it would be better if your friends can come with you.

Visit a resort

Detox yourself from the city vibes by visiting a nearby beach resort. Get a tan. Swim at dawn. Get tipsy and party with your friends at the shore.

Try a new sport or hobby

Invest in a new hobby or sport. Try something you’ve never done before—whether it’s finger painting, baking, boxing, or Yoga classes. This will distract you from ruminating or stalking your ex on social media. Also, who knows? You might meet your new beau there.

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